Wonderland Espresso Blend
Wonderland Espresso Blend Wonderland Espresso Blend

Our Limited Edition Autumn/Winter espresso blend is a true treat for the tastebuds. A blend of Nicaraguan natural and washed Indian arabica have been roasted medium dark.

Flavours of sweet, boozy fruitcake combine with roasted chestnuts for the coffee equivalent of a fruit and nut bar.

A beautiful fruity Nicaraguan natural was chosen as the star of the show, sourced from the Samaria farm who produce just 966kg of this glorious micro lot each year. The fruitiness of the Nic is backed up by nice nuttiness from this specially selected Indian arabica from the Liviti village. 

Best brewed from beans as:

Espresso / Cafetiere

Best brewed from ground as:
Cafetiere / Filter

Roast colour:
Medium dark

Samaria microlot, Nicaragua & Liviti village, Hukumpeta, India

910 - 1350 masl

Natural (Nicaragua Samaria) & Washed (India Liviti)


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