The Aerobie Aeropress acts as a combination of French Press and V60, using both full immersion and filter brew methods. 

The Aeropress is ideal for beginners and coffee enthusiasts alike. The combination of immersion, filter and pressure brewing means pre-ground and subpar coffee can taste pretty good, making the Aeropress budget friendly with less need for expensive burr grinders, thermometers and digital scales. On the other hand, the Aeropress is extremely versatile, with most variables being easily altered with some basic equipment like thermometers and scales – making it an ideal starting point for the more experimentally inclined coffee drinker. The Aeropress will produce a tasty, clean cup with a decent amount of body and no mud.



Aeropress paper filter


Grinder (if you have whole beans)

Scales or Aeropress scoop (included)





Sugar and milk to taste


Water 90˚C (or 1 minute off the boil)

17g coffee per 260ml water (one Aeropress scoop is roughly 17g)

Grind slightly courser than filter (like fine breadcrumbs)

Brew time 2.5 minutes


Place the plunger into the main body of the Aeropress about 3-5mm

Place the Aeropress standing, with the open side facing upwards, add the paper filter to the lid and wet with hot water

Add ground coffee to the inverted Aeropress, pour over a small amount of water and let bloom for 30 seconds, add hot water to your cup to pre-heat

After 30 seconds, stir and add the remaining water, place the lid on the Aeropress and leave to brew for 90 seconds, empty your cup of hot water and place the Aeropress on top, plunge for 30 seconds

Serve as-is or dilute with hot water for a full mug


Featured image: Pål-Kristian Hamre