Today at Hope & Glory we decided to develop a recipe for a coffee Freakshake. Freakshakes are the new craze captivating people across the world that consist of milk, cream, ice cream and a range of other toppings. Born in Canberra, Australia they've made their way to the UK and are now available in several coffee shops and bakeries around the country. 

The idea is to be as creative as possible whilst loading large amounts of sugar and chocolate into a big mug, topping it off with lots of cream and anything else you desire. Toppings range from Oreo cookies, donuts, brownies and biscuits to Nutella, marshmallows and even pretzels. We decided to create a fabulous Flat White Freakshake with our Blenheim Espresso blend


  • 2 double shots of our Blenheim Espresso Blend
  • Milk [about two thirds of the mug full]
  • 4 scoops of vanilla ice cream
  • 2 small chocolate chip cookies
  • 2 small caramel shortbread cakes
  • Squirty cream
  • Toffee sauce


  1. First, pull two shots of espresso. These go in the mug first.
  2. Then add the milk. This should then fill the mug about two thirds full.
  3. After this, add the ice cream – it may melt a little, but it all adds to the flavour!
  4. Then you need to add a luscious layer of squirty cream to cover the ice cream and fill the rim of the glass.
  5. Then add some toffee sauce to the cream and the outside edge of the mug, the messier the better!
  6. The shortbread cakes go on top of the cream.
  7. You then add another layer of cream, and top it off with crumbled cookie, a cookie put in the cream and toffee sauce.

The result, a taste sensation! Try it for yourself and send us your freaky photos...

Coffee freakshake

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