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When it comes to passing time online, Youtube is our go to site for all things video. From the educational to the incredible to the down right ridiculous. For all you fellow Youtube geeks, we thought we'd compile a list of our favourite Youtube channels all related to coffee. Have you seen them before? If not, it's time to get clued up:

  1. Coffeefusion 

Australian based Coffeefusion features weekly videos focussing mainly on free-pouring latte art. With great latte art compilations, milk jugs comparisons and tutorials for all your latte art needs.

  1. Seattle Coffee Gear 

As one of the most comprehensive retailers of home coffee brewing products, Seattle Coffee Gear really know their stuff when it comes to home grinders, single group espresso machines and manual brewing devices. They post daily videos reviewing, comparing and contrasting products, helping you choose the best new piece of kit for your kitchen.

  1. Re:co Symposium

Re:co (Regarding coffee) is a symposium for high level coffee discussion. Hosting speakers from around the world, giving lectures on topics ranging from water chemistry to flavour complexity, Re:co is for the forward-thinking coffee aficionado.

  1. Dritan Alsela

Ever wanted to see a master barista pour ten different patterns in a row? Dritan Alsela’s YouTube channel features dozens of videos of the man himself pouring drink after drink, with some of the most beautiful latte art we’ve ever seen!

  1. Specialty Coffee Association of America 

The SCAA is the world’s largest coffee trade association. Their YouTube channel features instructive and insightful videos from every corner of the coffee industry from how to brew with a V60, to lectures on coffee varietals. This is simply one of the best places to learn about coffee!

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Appreciate the shout out! I’d also like to mention Europian Coffee Trip who is another group doing cool coffee stuff on YouTube!

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Apr 06, 2016

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