Here at Hope & Glory we're proud to be the new kid on the block. We're a young brand who like to do things differently and we appreciate other brands who do the same. Here's a look at five of our favourite fellow food & drink brands and why you should check them out.

1. Portobello Road Gin

Gin is the liquor a la mode this year and Portobello Road is our gin of choice. Made from nine different botanicals, the gin is crafted with great care in London. Their recommended serve (or 'perfect pour') is gin, ice, tonic water and a squeeze and slice of pink grapefruit. Don't knock it till you've tried it!  

2. Kokoa Collection

Kokoa Collection are well known in the café world for their super high quality drinking chocolate. In stark contrast to the typical powdered chocolate, milk and sugar sachet, Kokoa Collection produce single origin chocolate pastilles loved by baristas. Their pastilles come in varying strengths – from 58 up to 82% cocoa, from Venezuela, Haiti, Madagascar, Ecuador, and even a white chocolate from the Ivory Coast. Thanks to their complex and unique flavours, these single origin chocolates pair great with different coffees for a very interesting mocha!

3. HECK Sausages

The Keebles pride themselves on delivering farmer’s market quality sausages to supermarket shelves. HECK sausages are healthy and wholesome, produced in small batches rather than en masse. HECK are even made with fresh herbs rather than dried, and range from low fat to gluten or dairy free! They’re also bloomin’ tasty. A special thanks to HECK for keeping us fed at the BBC Good Food Festival last year!

4. Pip and Nut

As a runner, Pip has a great appreciation for food that is both high energy and at the same time, still healthy and nutritious. She began making her own nut butters, and was soon inundated with orders. Pip and Nut’s nut butters are palm oil and sugar free, with natural ingredients like honey and sea salt to pack in extra flavour. Full of healthy fats and protein, these nut butters are delicious as well as super nutritious!

5. Brew Tea Co.

Brew Tea Co. is a start up with a mission: proper tea done well. They offer loose leaf tea for the aficionados, and convenient nylon teabags (so you don’t get the papery taste) for those of us with less equipment to hand. They also offer same day dispatch on orders before 1pm, to make sure you never run too low for long.

Aside from the tried and true English Breakfast and Earl Grey, they have a range of more exotic flavours including a delicious Chai as well as Mint and few fruity numbers. What’s more, all the information you could ever want about the tea you’re drinking is available via their website.

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