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Online subscriptions are amazing. There are very few things you cannot subscribe for on the internet nowadays - socks, flowers, lipstick, shaving gel - you name it, just a quick Google search and you will find a subscription for it. In celebration of our epic coffee subscriptions, we thought we'd take a look at the other great food and drink subscriptions available online...
  1. Pipers Farm – Meat

Based in Devon, Pipers Farm is a 50 acre all grass family farm. The farm is focused on hedgerow preservation and biodiversity, as well as strong animals grown slowly in a stress free environment. Their prize winning Red Ruby beef is grass fed only, whilst their chickens are left to roam freely on the fresh, grassy hills surrounding the farm.

With next day delivery and 10% off your first order, you’ll find a variety of monthly, weekly and seasonal boxes to suit any taste, including a student box!Coffee subscriptions


  1. Abel & Cole – Fruit and Veg

Abel & Cole have been sourcing organic fruit and veg for 27 years. Their farmers produce organic, slow grown produce for the best taste and are paid for their produce accordingly. The have a fantastic range of boxes, from daily fruit and veg to smoothie, soup and salad selections.


  1. Beer52 – Craft Beer

Beer52’s monthly subscription features a box of eight hand selected craft beers from around the world. Beer52’s tasting team tries beer from microbreweries all over the world (of which there are over twelve thousand!). When they find beer up to their high standards, they put it on the list to be included in their subscription. Also included in their monthly delivery is their Ferment Magazine, featuring news from the craft beer world and information on the current next month’s beers.

Craft beer club subscription

  1. Vinoa – Wine Discovery

Every month, Vinoa’s wine expert Cyrus tastes hundreds of bottles of wine, only to select four to send out. For £10 a month, you receive four wine samples to try, alongside a guided tour of the month’s selection through Vinoa’s app. If you like the wine, you can purchase full bottles for member’s only prices. A great way to discover new wines for a fraction of the cost of buying full bottles yourself.

Wine subscriptions online


  1. Hope & Glory - Coffee

As well as one bag orders, we also now run a coffee subscription service! With fortnightly or monthly plans for espresso or filter coffee, beans or ground, you can make sure you never run out of good quality coffee.  Our coffee tasters sample and buy green coffee from all over the world, looking for the best single origins for our filter roasts, and the best coffees to blend for our espresso roasts.

Hope & Glory coffee subscriptions


Tabitha Bee:

There are so many food and drink subscriptions these days, but not that many doing alcohol! I love the look of Beer52 and Vinoa. Might have to check those out.

I also saw, which does little bottles to make cocktails! So many cool things, I might end up spending all my money on subscription boxes…

Oct 12, 2015

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