How to make a Coffee Freakshake

Today at Hope & Glory we decided to develop a recipe for a coffee Freakshake. Freakshakes are the new craze captivating people across the world that consist of milk, cream, ice cream and a range of other toppings. Born in Canberra, Australia they've made their way to the UK and are now available in several coffee shops and bakeries around the country. Get the recipe for our Flat White Freakshake, here...

A beginner's guide to Brazilian coffee

In the last few years, Brazil has produced roughly three million tons of coffee a year, roughly a third of the world’s production.  That’s enough for 40,000,000,000 litres or 120,000,000,000 mugs of filter coffee! There’s a reason Frank Sinatra sings “There’s an awful lot of coffee in Brazil”. It’s no surprise that Brazil has been the world’s largest producer for 150 years.